Geek shops in accra

To be a geek in Accra is to have great internet, a good plug to get you all you need or money, so you can ship things in or travel around the world to experience pure joy.

But that’s not realistic for everybody. Luckily, there are few geek shops out there that have made extending the geek experience to everyone a priority. These are the true heroes without capes we need to honour.

They’re opening access to comic books, cosplay apparel, geek merch, gaming accessories and more.

In no order, here are the real superheroes of Accra.

Game Nerd

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For everything gaming, Game Nerd is your plug. What gaming accessory do you need? Headphones? Controllers? Mouse pads?

Whatever it is, the GN store has you covered.

Nerd Needs

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Nerds have needs and Nerd Needs has well, everything a nerd needs. They stock merch from all comics, anime, movies, & games!

Ninja shurikens? Check. Hidden Leaf headbands? Check. Kunai? Check. Bleach inspired keychains? Check. Avengers Funko Pops? Check. Black Panther necklaces and keychains? Check. Tokyo Ghoul mask? Check!!!

Pikachu Pokemon iPhone Case
Look at this cute Pikachu phone case ?

Jump on Nerd Needs Instagram for all your nerd gear or visit their website.


tacs art, comics and toy store

That’s us! We’re bringing the entire geek experience full circle. It’s all in our name. We’re providing Toys, everything from Funko Pops to plushies, Art, so posters, art books etc, Comics, because what’s a geek without his holy book, and Art Supplies, because let’s face it, your favorite illustrators are all geeks.

Shop around the TACS store will ya?! ☺️

Comic Store Gh


Are you a cultured geek? Then you know the classic, canon comics is where it’s all at. If you’re looking for Vintage Marvel and DC comics, Comic Store Gh is your plug. What’s best? Everything is affordable at as low as GHS30. These are prices that’ll help you on your comic collecting journey in earnest.

Check out Comic Store Gh on Instagram.


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Consoul is an accessory and gear shop for geeks, misfits, otakus, gamers and anyone in-between. This includes posters, costumes and everything you can think of.

? Tanjiro’s earrings? Check. Attack on Titan Survey Corps merch? Double check. Consoul Store is perfect for anime and manga lovers TBH.

Go Consoul shopping here.

And that’s it! Know any amazing geek stores in Ghana that we left out? Please, oh please, by drop a comment. Arigatou.

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